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Sustainable business by Van Oers


In our view, sustainability extends beyond CO2-reduction, electric cars and solar panels. It goes beyond your environmental impact. At Van Oers, we view sustainability from a broad perspective, encompassing  an organization’s governance, employee relations, its broader contribution to society, the value it creates for its customers, and its environmental impact.

Sustainable business isn’t vague or expensive; in our view, it’s nothing more than future-proof business. To get there and stay there, companies need to make choices, adjust course, invest, and make a profit, much like what you’re already accustomed to, but perhaps with a slightly different perspective.

We can assist you in adopting this perspective and in realizing your sustainable ambitions and goals. Because we create more future-proof enterprises by inspiring, challenging, mobilizing, and advising our clients in sustainable vision, strategy, execution, and organization. And that’s beneficial for your company and our future.

Support and guidance

We can support you in various tasks, including:

  • Establishing a sustainable business operation, from strategy to implementation.
  • Applying for subsidies and tax incentives.
  • Sustainable investing and financing.
  • Achieving sustainability certification, complying with ESG regulations, and meeting CSRD requirements.
  • Mapping your sustainability reporting and carbon emissions.
  • General sustainability improvements for your company.

Need assistance?

Want to know what we can do for you? Contact our sustainability advisors and request a no-obligation introductory meeting. We offer guidance and support for all your sustainability inquiries.

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Keswin Corporaal
Keswin Corporaal | Manager sustainability
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