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While we offer the services of a large firm, we are still the office nearby. Expect personal contact, reciprocal trust and always constructive dialogue from us.

Advising entrepreneurs in West Brabant since 1964

Harrie van Oers opened his accountancy firm in 1964. Back then, there were no core values on paper, just good honest hard work. He combined decisive service with an open personality. Harrie was both easily approachable and genuinely interested: it was greatly appreciated and proved to be a very successful method.

Van Oers today

Van Oers has now been in business for almost 60 years, and we have grown into one of the biggest firms in the south of the Netherlands. Part of this growth process is because of the desire to establish our values in the market. Of course, we follow the example of Harrie van Oers: personal, involved and decisive. Growing, thanks to this formula, feels good, but at the end of the day that’s not what it’s all about. Supporting fellow entrepreneurs to get ahead, that remains our goal.

Strong locally

Van Oers is one of the bigger local accountancy and tax consultancy firms in the Netherlands, with over 450 employees. We have offices in Breda, Oosterhout, Roosendaal, Etten-Leur and Zundert. These offices are focussed on offering tailor-made solutions for both small and large SMEs, family businesses, private companies and start-ups.


A helping hand

It is a privilege to be able to use our knowledge for social objectives. We gladly do the accounting for foundations that are committed to a better world on our own time. For example, organisations working for underprivileged children or people with disabilities. We also assist senior citizens with their tax returns by visiting retirement homes every year.

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