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We help you get a head start in business

Together with entrepreneurs we build solid organisations that want to set an example to their industry and to society as a whole.

About Van Oers
About Van Oers

Exploring opportunities together

Our promise to you

You’ve become an entrepreneur because you saw an opportunity to create something unique. Something that is all yours, the way you want it. An investment for the future. Your life’s work. A wonderful adventure with growth in full view. This is what makes entrepreneurship so exciting.

That financial puzzle though. Those tricky strategic decisions. Those unexpected changes in the market. You want to offer added value to your customers, but find yourself caught up in calculations. You want to look ahead, but sometimes you’re afraid of what you may see. You know you should be decisive, but you could do with some extra clout. Misgivings like these may frustrate your sense of freedom. They don’t need to though. There is a way around this. Recover that sense of adventure with a companion who understands what drives you.

Creating opportunities is what we do. Opportunities for our clients as well as our team. Our sincere curiosity and our powerful knowledge fuel our desire to be in the lead, together with our entrepreneurial clients. From Accountancy to Corporate Finance, from Agro to Education – we use all our expertise to maintain our edge. We work with local businesses and internationally active entrepreneurs alike. Whether you’re a newcomer in business or an experienced entrepreneur, we are here – for you.

Explore opportunities for your business while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with financial stability.

A well-established brand since 1964

‘Decisive service with an open personality’. These are the words of our founder Harrie van Oers, and they have been our corporate philosophy from the very first start. It’s what we are still known for today, even now that we are one of the bigger accountancy and tax advice businesses in the region, with more than 400 employees.

Van Oers covers around twenty areas of expertise. Based in Breda, Oosterhout, Roosendaal, Etten-Leur and Zundert, our experts work together as one team to help SMBs, family businesses, directors & major shareholders and starters get a head start in business.

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