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This is what Van Oers stands for

Together with entrepreneurs we build solid organisations that want to set an example to their industry and to society as a whole.

Core values

These are the four core values that make us who we are

Leading the way

We do much more than just deliver good work. We aim for top quality, showing courage and vigour while we’re at it. This is how we keep innovating. We lead the way, giving our clients the confidence to look ahead and the knowledge to make smart choices. Guided by the Van Oers mentality, our clients are empowered to be way ahead of the crowd.

People matter

We work with human beings – colleagues and entrepreneurs. That’s a fact we keep at the forefront of our minds. We always take a person’s situation into account. Because success is determined by humans, not numbers. This is why humanity is at the heart of the Van Oers approach. Day after day, we build sustainable relationships – with our colleagues as well as our clients.

Room to grow

Staying ahead of the crowd requires room to grow. At Van Oers, we give each other that room. We all feel that it’s okay to show guts, to learn, to develop. Making mistakes is part of that. Whether it’s the entrepreneurs we work with or our team mates – all of us are allowed room to grow.

No nonsense

Clarity and candour are the bedrock of our communication. We are down to earth and stick to our promises. We don’t boast. With our pragmatic and no-nonsense approach, we walk the talk. Working together with colleagues, partners and clients, we just get on with the job at hand and let the results speak for themselves.

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