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Agrobusiness consulting

agrobusiness consulting Van Oers

Information on the sector

As an agricultural entrepreneur, your company is your passion and the love for the profession runs deep. At the same time, you have to deal with various challenges in the fiscal, financial and strategic areas. You must continuously respond to changes in the sector. As an entrepreneur, it is difficult to keep abreast of all changes, although they can sometimes have significant consequences for your company.

What is going on in the Agrobusiness sector?

You have a lot coming your way. That is precisely why it is helpful if you can rely on an agricultural accountant and advisor who thinks along with you. We are the advisor who knows the agricultural sector like no other. Our staff have a background in the agricultural sector so we know exactly what issues you are facing. The work we do for your agricultural company goes further than preparing the annual accounts. We are always aware of current affairs and developments in the sector, because we work in it every day.

agrobusiness consulting Van Oers


For more than 50 years Van Oers have been providing accounting, tax and agribusiness consulting services to our agribusiness clients.

Van Oers sets itself apart from its competitors not only by providing excellent quality, but also by being progressive and proactive and by taking a personal approach. Our staff have a background in the agricultural sector so we know exactly what issues you are facing. Through continuous training we are always informed of the latest developments and apply them effortlessly to your business.

Van Oers is a modern and progressive firm. Our online service concept provides you with a daily updated overview of your company’s financial position. Based on that data we are able to advise you in every phase of your company’s life.

Personal contact is important to us; the mutual feeling must be positive. The most important decisions are made at the kitchen table. We would like to join you at your table to explain more about the added value that Van Oers has to offer.

agrobusiness consulting Van Oers

Agrobusiness consultant

Our advisors would be only too pleased to help you. Due to the specific characteristics of agrobusiness, a specialist with experience of the sector and knowledge of sector-specific legislation and regulations generates added value. You can have confidence in our expertise when it comes to auditing your annual accounts, as well as other related services such as pre-audit services and company analysis and advice.

rick de vlaming
Rick de Vlaming | Manager
Introducing Van Oers
If you are an entrepreneur in the transport and logistics sector and you would like more information about the annual accounts audit or our other services, please do not hesitate to contact our transport and logistics specialist or visit our transport and logistics sector page.
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