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Automotive Van Oers

Information on the Automotive sector

The Automotive sector covers companies which develop, produce, purchase and sell motor vehicles. The economic crisis had a serious impact and led to consolidation in the sector. New developments in the field of electric vehicles, sharing and (private) leasing are causing shifts. As a result the risks that these companies are facing are also changing. Van Oers is keen to share ideas with you about the ideal way to manage these new risks.

Automotive Van Oers

Automotive: a complex sector

As an entrepreneur in the automotive sector you may come up against complex issues relating to your annual accounts. For example the showroom, leasing and sales stocks – both new and second-hand – are valued differently. It can also be difficult to process VAT correctly. Van Oers would be only too pleased to support you with this and other issues.

Automotive Van Oers


Our advisors have experience in the sector and specific knowledge of the relevant legislation and regulations. You can have confidence in our expertise when it comes to auditing your annual accounts, as well as other related services such as subsidy checks and financial reporting.

antoon hoeven
Antoon Hoeven | Director
Introducing Van Oers
If you would like to speak to an accountant who is aware of the developments in your sector, then our specialist can tell you more about the annual accounts audit and other services, with a focus on the specific characteristics of your field of work. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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