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Transport and logistics

Transport sector Van Oers

Information on the sector

The transport and logistics sector relates to the transport of goods and people via land, air and water. The sector plays a leading role in the Dutch economy. As an export country the sector in the Netherlands is heavily dependent on foreign expenditure. Globalisation, an increase in scale, sustainability and IT developments are the trends facing the sector.

What is going on in the transport and logistics sector?

The sector is generally characterised by low profit margins, high investments and significant fluctuations in rates. This places high demands on entrepreneurs. Making the costs flexible, maintaining a credit reserve, improving operations and exploiting turnover opportunities are important ways of surviving in a cyclical sector.

Transport sector Van Oers

Transport and logistics: a complex sector

As a transport and logistics entrepreneur you may come up against complex issues relating to your annual accounts. The international world in which the sector operates is characterised by a multitude of legislation and regulations. Fulfilling all national and international regulations is time-consuming, expensive, complicated and not without dangers. The trend that entrepreneurs are starting to combine more and more different activities is also leading to more risks.

Transport sector Van Oers

Transport and logistics specialist

Our advisors would be only too pleased to help you. Due to the specific characteristics of transport and logistics, an specialist with experience of the sector and knowledge of sector-specific legislation and regulations generates added value. You can have confidence in our expertise when it comes to auditing your annual accounts, as well as other related services such as pre-audit services and company analysis and advice.

rick de vlaming
Rick de Vlaming | Manager
Introducing Van Oers
If you are an entrepreneur in the transport and logistics sector and you would like more information about the annual accounts audit or our other services, please do not hesitate to contact our transport and logistics specialist or visit our transport and logistics sector page.
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