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Network and partnerships

Global Network

We can only help entrepreneurs get a head start if we ourselves stay ahead, too. There are several measures we have taken to make sure we keep our edge. One of them is building a strong network.

Local and international

We’re an active member of StratosClub, a local business network initiated by Rewin, a development company in West-Brabant. Being a StratosClub member enables us to discuss and exchange ideas with fellow entrepreneurs. On a regular basis, we pick each other’s brains on topics like discovering new markets and developing new products and services.

On an international level we’re associated with Leading Edge Global – a professional organisation of more than 190 independent accountancy and (tax) advice businesses based in more than 100 countries. This membership provides us with knowledge, education, training and partnerships all over the world.

peter hofwegen
Peter Hofwegen | CEO
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