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Extension transition period social security cross-border workers 

Extension transition period social security cross-border workers

The European Administrative Commission recently approved the extension of a transition period for the social security position of cross-border workers from 31 December 2022 until 30 June 2023. This regards employees who work from their country of residence on behalf of their employer, who is based in another country. This applies only if both countries are member states of the European Union.

Social security

Without the extension, many cross-border workers would soon be covered by social insurance in their country of residence instead of in their usual country of work. The transition period has the same effects as the COVID-19 measures because there is no change of the competent state due to telecommuting of 25% or more in the state of residence. Furthermore, no specific formalities are required by the employer or employee.

The additional period of 6 months allows the administrations, employers and individuals involved to organize themselves adequately and enables the Administrative Commission to further evaluate the specific situation of cross-border activities and to work out structural measures.

The transition period applies to both pre-existing and new cross-border activities. This transitional period only applies to social security, not to the income tax treaties.

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