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Global VAT registrations with van oers

Global VAT registrations

For companies considering global expansion, or for those that have already discovered the new markets, understanding their Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods & Services Tax (GST) obligations throughout the world can be very complicated.

In this perspective many companies are faced with strict VAT compliance (such as different VAT or GST registrations and invoicing requirements) as they commence doing business outside their home country. Whether providing goods and services across international borders, or shipping products abroad to an overseas warehouse to other businesses and consumers, they all can possibly lead to different VAT registrations in different countries or other related VAT/GST issues.

Global VAT registrations with van oers

Global VAT advice

Van Oers which provides global VAT advice, is here to assist you with VAT/GST registrations and submitting VAT/GST returns in collaboration with our partners. We are able to analyze and diagnose your local VAT/GST obligations and assist you with the compliance.

Van Oers Accountancy & Advies and its global partners from the Leading Edge Alliance offer:

  • Worldwide VAT/GST registrations and ongoing VAT/GST filings, Intrastat, EC Sales Listing.
  • Expertise and assistance in the case of questions from the local tax authorities, including managing international VAT audits.

If you have any questions regarding global VAT/GST issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thijs Bijlard
Thijs Bijlard | Tax director
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