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doing business in the Netherlands with van oers

Doing business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a good country for foreign businesses to set up an branche/company. Van Oers helps companies from around the world to make the most of the opportunities that our home country offers.

Favourable tax regime

The Netherlands has a favourable tax regime, and leads the way with international tax treaties. The country also boasts a highly trained working population. These qualities make the Netherlands one of the most interesting countries for setting up a company and are the reason why numerous multinationals have already chosen to set up offices and establishments in the Netherlands.

Commerce in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has always been a country of merchants. Centuries of commerce have made the Netherlands an open-minded society. The Dutch are used to living and working with people from a wide range of different cultures. With its closely-knit infrastructure and central location, the Netherlands serves as the gateway to Europe. The port of Rotterdam and Schiphol airport are vital international hubs. These are all excellent reasons why foreign enterprises enjoy doing business in the Netherlands.

Preparation and overview

Are you considering setting up a business or opening a subsidiary in the Netherlands? We can map out everything that you need to do. We will help you to fully understand what it means to do business in the Netherlands. We will work out all your recurring and non-recurring expenses, estimate the timeframes required, explain the most important issues that you need to bear in mind, for example legal formtransfer pricing, VAT and personnel, and show you which favourable tax facilities are available for you.

doing business in the Netherlands with van oers

Starting a business in the Netherlands

You have decided to make the move. Now let us help you with everything that you need to do to set up a business in the Netherlands. We will liaise with banks, civil-law notaries and lawyers to ensure that all the procedures are completed correctly. We will deal with the local parties, tax authorities and other government bodies on your behalf.

The whitepaper below is very useful. It offers practical information about the Netherlands and how to set up a business, adopt the ideal legal form, the subsidy schemes, the tax system, labour law and much more.

Doing business in the Netherlands: questions and further information

So if you are thinking about setting up an establishment or a company in the Netherlands, talk to us to see what we can do for you. We look forward to answering all your questions. Please complete the form shown on the right to set up a meeting with Van Oers International.

Edgar van Hassel
Edgar van Hassel | Tax manager
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