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Do you need support and advice about setting up a business abroad?

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Setting up a business abroad with van oers

Setting up a business abroad

Have you identified a good opportunity abroad? Allow Van Oers to help you make the most of doing business in the international arena.

Opportunities in cross-border business

The world is globalising, for businesses as much as for anyone else. Yet at the same time, there are still considerable differences between different countries. There are numerous opportunities out there for cross-border businesses, including the benefits of selling to emerging markets, lower production costs, lower tax rates and favourable tax facilities.

Before you make the move abroad

Once you have decided to set up a business abroad, you need to put your decision in the right perspective. What are the implications of entering a foreign market – specifically for your company? We can map out the entire process for you: your obligations, the steps you need to complete and the timeframe that will be required. Before you set your plan in motion, you will already know everything you need to know about tax regimes, insurance and permits, recurring and non-recurring expenses and estimated timeframes. And about important issues such as transfer pricingVAT and personnel, and any potential problem areas.

Doing business abroad – getting off to a good start

You can continue to rely on us as you proceed along the path that we have mapped out. We will deal with all the parties involved on your behalf, including tax authorities, agents and governments at the local and national levels: your affairs will be in order right from the start, both at home and abroad, and your relationships with the locals will begin on the right footing.

Setting up a business abroad with van oers

Van Oers plus local advisers

Every year, Van Oers International answers questions from dozens of clients about setting up a business or establishment abroad, both in existing situations and upon start-up. We often work with local colleagues: people who were raised in your target country, professionals who keep up-to-date with the latest developments in laws and regulations in their home countries and who know how to deal best with the local authorities.

Doing business in other countries: questions and further information

So if you are considering setting up a business or a branch abroad, contact us to see what we can do for you. We look forward to meeting you to discuss your situation and answer all your questions. Please complete the form shown on the right to set up a meeting with Van Oers International.

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