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Our experience with audits is a great benefit in the whole range of work that involves examining financial data and processes. Clients frequently ask us to help them with related services. Besides performing statutory and non-statutory audits, we frequently provide services in the following areas:

Financial reporting

Compiling financial statements. Van Oers experts can help you compile your financial statements, eliminating any concern about whether the financial statements are compliant with the relevant reporting requirements. In the Netherlands, most entities apply the policies laid down in Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code and in the Dutch Accounting Standards. However, our specialists also have extensive experience with international standards such as IFRS.

Grant audits

Reviewing grant requests. The Netherlands boasts a wide range of grant providers. Generally, grant requests are only considered if they are accompanied by an auditor’s opinion. Van Oers Audit possesses extensive experience with comparing grant requests with the relevant standards, and can provide you with all possible assistance in relation to the grant requirements.

Pre-audit services

Comprehensive audit preparation. If your parent company or foreign investors require an audit opinion from the group auditor, but you prefer to work with Van Oers, you can engage us for our pre-audit services. This provides you with a one-stop shop for all administrative, accounting, tax and legal support where a personal touch matters. We liaise with the group auditor to ensure that the audit is conducted with a maximum of efficiency and effectiveness.


The service of Van Oers

Temporary secondment

Our people have experience with countless different processes, businesses and accounting systems. As a consequence they can work on a wide range of activities, and can help your business with implementing software and processes, for example. You can also rely on us for secondment in management positions.

Corporate analysis and advice

An outside perspective on your processes. We work with you to map out the processes and take a critical look at them. Using a risk-based approach, we advise on possibilities for improving your control system.

Wouter Kruisifix
Wouter Kruisifikx | Director audit
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