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It is an increasingly common occurrence that a company will not be sold to an external party, but to the incumbent management. In such processes we help managing directors and major shareholders with the sale of the company. The various phases of a company sale to the management have been clarified in more detail below.

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Approach of a business sale to management

  • Management buy-out preparation phase

    Exploratory discussions

    If you are considering to transfer your company to your management team, we normally arrange one or more exploratory meetings to discuss the objective of the transaction. Depending on the goals you have set, a thorough investigation can be started to determine whether the current management is indeed the most suitable party to sell your company to.

  • Management buy-out negotation phase

    Conducting negotiations

    A Management Buy-Out is a unique situation in which, in many cases, the purchasers have contributed to the success of the company. There is also a greater “willingness” factor. This can be expressed not only in the amount of the total purchase price, but also in the manner in which the payment takes place. For example, the seller can finance the deal with a vendor-loan.

  • Management buy-out due diligence phase

    Coordinating the due diligence investigation

    After the letter of intent the MBO team has the opportunity to verify the correctness and completeness of the information and administration provided. This phase is commonly known as the due diligence.

    Often purchasers are keen to investigate various fields, such as financial, legal, staffing and organization, the environment, fiscal, insurance, operational, etc. Van Oers supports the entrepreneurs by collecting this information. Collecting the information without staff knowing about it or cooperating is a time-consuming process. The information will be collected in a (digital) data room.

Alexander den Boer | Director Corporate Finance
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