Venture capital and private equity

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Venture capital and private equity

It may be the case that banks are unable to finance the growth your business is undergoing. At such moments a venture capital or private equity fund may offer a good alternative. They can provide additional equity and give added value in the form of management, network or advice. We have an extensive network of venture capital and private equity companies and can provide professional assistance with regards to acquiring additional capital.

We can guide you through the entire process

Approach of company financing

  • Venture capital company financing preparation phase

    Determining the growth strategy

    We arrange a couple of meetings to assess your growth strategy to develop a business plan. The growth strategy is based on where you want to be in 5 years time, what action you need to take to get there and what the consequences from these actions will be.

    Determining the financing requirements

    The business plan shall be used to draw up a long-range budget. Besides a results-based budget, this budget also includes a liquidity budget which details, amongst other things, investments in assets and operating capital. The financing requirements can be determined on the basis of the liquidity budget.

  • Approaching venture capital and private equity institutions

    Venture capital company contact and information

    On the basis of your wishes and the financing requirements, a selection will be made of venture capital and private equity institutions which could be approached. In the selection process we take into account the required equity, the level of involvement and the expertise within the venture capital or private equity institution.

  • Venture capital company financing due diligence phase

    Coordinating the due diligence

    Between the signing of the letter of intent and the final purchase agreement, the private equity company has the opportunity to verify the correctness and completeness of the information and administration provided. This phase is the so-called due diligence. Often purchasers want their advisors to investigate various fields, such as financial, legal, staffing and organization, the environment, fiscal, insurance, operational, etc. The collection of all this information without staff knowing about it or cooperating is a time-consuming process. The information is collected in a (digital) data room.

Alexander den Boer | Director Corporate Finance
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