Pre-sale review

Due diligence reviews

Pre-sale review

Besides assisting in target company reviews, we can also help you with a pre-sale review. Just as a buyer will want to know exactly what he or she is purchasing, it can be useful to establish precisely what you are selling. Is your business in fact worth what you think it is? The buyer will use a Due Diligence review to map out the financial, tax, operational and legal status of the target to determine what risks need to be considered if and when the purchase is completed. Based on those risks, the asking price might need to be adjusted or additional warranties might need to be provided.

Due diligence reviews

How to avoid unpleasant surprises as a seller

From the seller’s perspective, it might also be advisable to first investigate the financial, tax and operational status of your business, to map out potential risks and minimise or avoid surprises if and when you decide to sell.

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