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A.W. (Andre) de Vlaming RA
Director accountancy

A.W. (Andre) de Vlaming RA

André de Vlaming started his career at Van Oers as an intern. After completing his HEAO Accounting studies in Breda in 1985 he returned to Van Oers never to leave again. Second in line only to Harrie van Oers, André de Vlaming is currently the longest-serving board member at Van Oers.
About Andre

‘Unravelling whether reality corresponds to the numbers presented in the accounts’

‘Looking back, you can say that I made the right choice right off to join Van Oers. Our fine group of clients, our close Oosterhout team of pleasant colleagues and my dynamic work mean that I have not regretted my choice a single day. In addition to running the day-to-day operations of the entire Van Oers organisation and managing the accounting division in Oosterhout, I like to sink my teeth into special audits.’

‘I am cut out for these due diligence reviews. Due diligence has become the speciality of Van Oers Oosterhout and generally comes into play in the case of mergers and acquisitions. I am personally involved in every single audit conducted by Van Oers because my approach has already proved many times that I am able to unravel whether reality corresponds to the numbers presented in the accounts. If necessary, I know how to put my finger on the weak spots.’

‘I enjoy my work immensely, which is why I do not take long holidays. I make exceptions for short city breaks in Europe and the United States. Van Oers can always contact me during my holidays. However, my colleagues never phone me when I finally manage to get away from the office since they know that I would immediately cancel my holiday and fly back to Van Oers. Van Oers is my life.’

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